West Sussex, Hambrook

West Sussex, Hambrook - Broad Approval - Featured Image

Broad Approval!

  • Wakeford’s Field is a five acre site in the Village of Hambrook, near Chichester, West Sussex, enjoying a semi-rural position adjoining the settlement
  • The site had been submitted in the Chichester SHLAA, and deemed deliverable and achievable
  • We approached the Vendors in September 2013
  • It was the subject of an outline application for 30 plots, 18 private, and 12 affordable
  • The application was lodged in October 2013 and included provision for community owned allotments and orchards on site. Following a series of meetings with the owners, we were instructed to sell the site on their behalf, subject to planning
  • A full marketing campaign was instigated, with a great deal of interest from potential purchasers
  • March 2014 the site was refused planning permission and an appeal was lodged
  • The informal Hearing was held on 11 June 2014
  • The Inspector allowed the appeal, with a consent being granted in July 2014
  • Second round of exhaustive negotiations with potential purchasers
  • The lead bidder was discounted due to performance issues and the site was sold to Mildren Homes
  • Intensive and prolonged ground investigation work due to drainage constraints, including compulsory ground water monitoring imposed by Chichester DC
  • Completion took place in March 2015

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