Yapton, West Sussex

Burndell Rd 3

‘Emerald Gardens’  –  Yapton Has Its Appeal

  • The site is located in Burndell Road, Yapton, West Sussex and is edged by development on three sides, with Ford Airfield Industrial Estate lying to the east and housing development to the west and south.
  • It is a greenfield site of some 7.7 hectares, beyond the site to the north lies open agricultural land.  It is mostly rough grassland with vegetation.
  • We first become involved back in 1998 and in early 2000 consent was granted, only to be called in by the Secretary of State and the consent overturned.
  • A revised planning application was submitted in October 2010 for 173 dwellings, with 40% social housing, which was refused.
  • An appeal was lodged.  The enquiry opened and was set for 4 days.
  • Consent was eventually granted in December 2011
  • The site was eventually sold to Persimmon Homes (South East) in June 2013

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