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Our Philosophy

Our main goal is to cement our position as a leading land and new homes agency, without falling into the trap of chasing turnover to the detriment of our client service or our staff – in fact without either, we wouldn't have a business. Land & Brand New Homes is very much a team effort, where everyone's input is welcomed and indeed sought.

Our business philosophy can be summed up as follows:

  1. Do exceptional work – this is the best way of getting business!
  2. Anticipate – look forward and ensure that business generation is geared to future client needs – reaction is not a viable alternative!
  3. Benefit by association – delight existing clients and the word gets around!
  4. Sell softly – we will reap business benefits by selling benefits of our products and services, our clients' products and services – forget the hard sell!
  5. Recognise where we can add value – marketing, direct marketing, advice and shared learning experiences engenders credibility – make use of us wisely!
  6. Deliver with passion – no one can accuse us of not being passionate about our company, our services and our commitment to getting things done right. And yet, we still have that little bit of je ne sais quoi (=entrepreneurship) that sets us apart and we don't intend to lose it!
  7. Patience is a virtue – quick wins don't often win any favour – client relationships are all important and if at first we don't succeed we'll try and try again!
  8. DO NOT OVERSELL – if we can't deliver, we'll tell you – honesty is the best policy and we believe in developing our relationship with integrity!
  9. Our policy of feedback and learning together, is sure to put us in a strong position to develop successfully as a team, as long as we're aware of your business objectives and long term strategies!
  10. Negotiation and compromise – when we win a new client, we need to engage all stakeholders we'll be dealing with, to ensure full understanding of achieving a win-win situation for all!