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Our Land Team sources between 1500 - 2500 plots annually throughout the South of England and the UK. Our clients include a number of interested companies, all with reputable backgrounds and finances in place, to acquire development sites.

We recommend discussing your proposals with a member of our Land Team prior to securing planning consent. A number of external factors and internal issues such as; once planning consent is confirmed, or common issues with environmental constraints may affect the commercial price you will receive. Offsite payments and construction finishes are often overlooked during the initial stages, but will unfortunately have a huge impact on the value of a site.

Advice and Consultancy

Whilst land agents deal with the vast majority of development sites within this region, developers contact owners of potential development sites directly to discuss propositions.

Our Land Team often acts for owners who have been independently approached, to advise them on the best method of disposal, ensuring that not only is the price they are achieving maximised, but the terms they agree in a contract are to their mutual benefit.

Our Land Team will be happy to discuss any development proposal, irrespective of at what stage they are in the process.

Need advice from our Land Team? Please call: 01903 692952