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New Homes built to the east of the Peacehaven Sports Park

The site was allocated in 2004 for circa 350 units. The site was split between Keymer Avenue and Seaview Avenue, encompassing the Peacehaven sports centre. The design brief for the allocated site, adopted in February 2004, made it a requirement that the development did not exceed two storeys in height.

The main planning considerations were the principles of development; the design, form, scale and impact on the character and appearance of the street scene; impact on residential amenity; and highway safety and parking.

The main objection to the allocation was on the grounds of traffic generation, which was overcome following a substantial payment under terms in the Section 106 agreement. This objection was further dissipated by an agreement to include the provision of a bus lane into Brighton. This additional provision which is already under construction will be beneficial to both site access and to easing local traffic congestion.

Town Planning for the first phase was granted at appeal (Keymer Avenue) and construction has now been completed in this first phase of circa 150 plots. In the Second phase Town Planning Consent was granted at committee stage with the usual 30% of the homes allocated to social housing. There was also a provision made that allowed construction traffic access through Seaview Avenue, this additional access route enabled the development of a further 185 plots. This phase is currently under construction. The sales rate at this development has been steady with attainable sales values of the current housing stock representing excellent value.