How to sell my land

Whether you’ve inherited some land, or you have a large garden that you’re not utilising, there can be many reasons why you’ve found yourself in a position to sell land. But it can be difficult to know whether the land you have is developable, and how to go about finding a buyer. In our guide, […]

Developing brownfield land: Is it worth buying up disused petrol stations?

You may think of new housing development sites requiring prime residential locations in the UK, but that’s not always the case – the demand for redevelopment land is strong everywhere. If you’re prioritising easily accessible locations with good road infrastructure connectivity, the potential of decommissioned petrol station sites should not be underestimated. Land contamination issues […]

How to get planning permission to develop your agricultural land

Development land is in high demand, especially if it comes with planning permission. While commercial opportunities can be in relatively short supply or unattractively priced, perhaps agricultural land could fill some of the gap? Let’s take a closer look at how to get planning permission to develop agricultural land. What are the issues around agricultural […]