Developing brownfield land: Is it worth buying up disused petrol stations?

You may think of new housing development sites requiring prime residential locations in the UK, but that’s not always the case – the demand for redevelopment land is strong everywhere. If you’re prioritising easily accessible locations with good road infrastructure connectivity, the potential of decommissioned petrol station sites should not be underestimated. Land contamination issues […]

Coming into Land?

Your land could be your most valuable asset, but there are various issues involved in realising the value of your land. News for homeowners has been far from ideal during recent times. Increasing taxes bite into the level of disposable income within households, pension funds are being plundered, and inheritance tax is slowly eroding family […]

Why opt for a PROMOTION Agreement?

Bob Hilder, Strategic Land Director of Land & Brand New Homes, explains the reasons behind pursuing development opportunities under Promotion Agreements: “Under a Promotion Agreement the interests of Developer and Landowner are aligned.  Progression of the negotiations is on a genuine ‘partnership’ basis, requiring trust in seeking to maximise land value at all stages up […]